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Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

I have a lot to thank my dad for, these are just a few:

1. That nose. I have it too. Wouldn’t trade it.

2. Putting me to bed when my mom was working nights, even if I was young and a brat and sometimes cried that I wanted my mommy.

3. Teaching me to play softball, and coaching my teams. And taking me to baseball games. And helping me collect baseball cards. And flying to DC to see the Cards play the Nats and buying really awesome seats behind the dugout.

4. Being my financial advisor, retirement fund manager, tax prep helper, and teaching me to be smart with money.

5. Building me a tack trunk, a saddle tree, and  a entire course of stadium jumps. And for all the leg-ups, rein holding, and green slobber wiping even though it meant standing very very close to a horse, which was not his favorite place to be.

There’s so much more, but I just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad, relaxing on the porch during the summer he built us a pool. How many dads have built their daughters a pool? With their own two hands? That’s my dad. He’s awesome.

Thinking about making something special for your dad tonight? How about some Braised Short Ribs? Or make him a Berry Cobbler for dessert. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!




31 May

I’ve spent the last 4 days moving all my stuff to my new apartment. I only moved a block and a half to the east, but with the 90+ degree DC heat and humidity, it was a long weekend with a lot of sweating.

I’m only about one third unpacked at this point, so I don’t have a food post for ya, but hopefully I can get this mess under control by the end of the week.

I got (another) job!

10 May

It’s been a while, I know. Life got a little crazy there last week and I wasn’t in my kitchen at all. I’ll have more recipes for you next week, I promise.

Things started to pile up the day I got my job as a hostess. That same day, I had also had a first round interview with a Senator’s office. A few days later I got asked to come in for a second interview with that same office, which is always good news. And then, all on the same day, my parents and grandma arrived from Illinois for a weekend visit, I got called that I had a third round interview with the Senator’s office, and I got called and offered an interview for another awesome job that had popped up unexpectedly.

So I interviewed for this other job on Friday, spent the weekend eating a ton of great food and seeing all the sites of DC with my family, and then had my third interview with the Senator’s office the following Tuesday. Wednesday I got an email that I hadn’t gotten the job with the Senator, but on Thursday I got a call offering me the other job, and I am totally thrilled.

So I went from zero jobs to two jobs in the course of about 2 weeks. I’m definitely going to try to keep working a few shifts a week at the restaurant just to make some extra cash on top of my real job. And while I will soon be much much busier than I have been over the last few months, I hope I can still manage to find time to cook and bake and post yummy recipes for you guys.

I don’t have a recipe today, I do have some gratuitous photos of my many delicious meals from last weekend.

Despite some flights delays due to tornadoes in Virginia, my parents and grandma made it here in time for our first dinner: Restaurant Nora. Nora was the first certified organic restaurant in the U.S. and is dedicated to locally grown organic food. I had this champagne risotto that was quite tasty. (Also, apologies, restaurants are dark and so my pictures aren’t superb. Anyone have any tips on getting better food photos in dark settings like that?)

And this was one of my favorite desserts, bonus points for being so unique. It was a strawberry shortcake, but with a twist. The shortcake was made from pistachio flour. The flavor was amazing!

We also had to hit our favorite restuarant: Acadiana. I always have to get their roasted sweet corn and blue crab soup. It’s the best soup ever made. Ever. We also got their fried green tomatoes (we had to do a comparison with Founding Farmers fried green tomatoes, which we had ordered the night before). And then I ordered the special, which was a vegetable crusted mahi mahi. The “crust” was almost more the texture of stuffing, but really delicious from all the vegetables in there. I very much enjoyed it. And I barely saved enough room for dessert: homemade ice cream, one scoop each of buttermilk, praline crunch, and milk chocolate. Yum.


20 Feb

I am on Twitter now! Follow me! @TheSGKitchen

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Updates when there are new recipes on the site

2. Comments on food I’m currently eating

3. Random observations that may or may not be food related, and may or may not be about Gaga or the Biebs

Next week’s theme…

11 Feb

That’s right. I’m having a theme next week. Three hints:

Your first hint is that the theme is NOT Valentine’s Day.

The second hint is that it is inspired by the trip to Los Angeles I’m hoping to take.

Third hint:

Figure it out yet?

(Images courtesy of Google Image Search)

Just One of Those Weeks

4 Feb

I feel bad. I don’t have any recipes to share today. Allow me to explain myself.

I was planning to go to Los Angeles this week. I was supposed to leave Monday night, but then on Saturday, I got an email asking me to come in for a job interview Tuesday morning, so I pushed back my departure to Tuesday night. I was trying to get to California for my best friend from high school’s birthday, which is today.

But I was also flying on a non-revenue ticket (standby). On Tuesday, I had to catch a train from DC to Baltimore to get to the airport, but I managed to arrive at the train station a half an hour early, get on the wrong train, and sit on the wrong train for long enough to miss my real train. That meant I missed the flight I was trying to get out on and the last flight of the day. And then a blizzard descended on the rest of the country, canceling some of the flights from here to LA, and causing the rest of the flights to fill up with people rescheduling from canceled flights. And as a standby passenger, I couldn’t get on any flights the rest of the week.

Because I had planned to be in LA this week, I had eaten or thrown out all my perishable food before I left. So now I am sitting here with a suitcase still packed, and an empty fridge. Unless you want to see the recipe where I eat Wheat Thins straight out of the box and drink Diet Dr. Pepper, I’ve got nothing…

So instead, here are a few random pictures I found on my phone from the last few months:

I had a friend from college come visit in last fall, so we did the typical DC touristy activities. Honestly, going to the monuments never gets old.

And then I got free tickets to go to my first ever professional football game, Redskins v Colts. Luckily, it was early enough in the season that we didn’t freeze to death in the stands.

And this is probably my favorite picture I ever taken with my phone. I went up to Boston to visit my college roommate and we had a totally awesome weekend eating our way through every part of the city.

And while I was there, we went to see Sufjan Stevens at the Orpheum. Such a great concert.

And then I went home for the holidays, and snapped this shot of the cute downtown area. Growing up, I spent a ton of time down here. There was a coffeeshop where you could always find me on a Friday night. And a record store where I spent my Saturday afternoons. And an amazing restored movie theater that plays classics and documentaries for cheap. There’s also a great kitchen store that I have to visit whenever I’m home, and even better, they recently opened a fantastic little cafe next door. The best chocolate crinkle cookies in the world.

And my other favorite part of going home. This guy. You happen to be looking at the best horse in the world. My heart melts every time I look at that face. He was a race horse before I got him, and I competed in three day events with him during high school. But I went to college too far away to take him with, so since then, other riders at my barn who don’t have their own horses have been leasing him and he gets to compete a little bit still. Everyone who rides him falls in love with him. I’m sure I will never find another horse as great as he is.

My big news from this week is that I’ve decided to run an 8K. I have never ever run in a race before, so I’m nervous, but it should be fun. I made my own training program and started on it this week. I don’t really have a goal. I’d like to run the entire distance. Maybe shoot for a 10 minute mile? Not very ambitious, I know, but I’ve never been a very good runner. But I invested in new running shoes to kick off my training. These shoes are awesome. They are for people who like the idea of barefoot running but want a real shoe with a little bit of support. I think my favorite part is the laces. You can’t really see it in this picture, but they are offset so they don’t put pressure on the top of your foot. Plus, aren’t they snazzy looking? I love the teal.

And since I’m running and working out six days a week…I don’t feel at all guilty about eating a plate of these. I found strawberries on sale at the grocery store this morning, and they actually looked decent, so I got a carton. And then I had leftover chocolate ganache from the birthday cake last week, so I made myself some chocolate covered strawberries!

Alright, that’s the end of the slide show for today. I promise to try to buy some groceries and get back in the kitchen soon.

Welcome to my kitchen!

11 Jan

Welcome to The Single Girl’s Kitchen! I have long been contemplating starting my own food blog; there are so many out there that I love to read, and I hope I can bring yet another perspective for all you fellow food lovers.

When I flip through my favorite recipes, I tend to think “I’ll make this at my next dinner party” or “I’ll share this with the roommates next weekend.” But on a normal night, I’m just cooking for one. I hope you’ll find it helpful to have some recipes that are really just meant to be cooked up and enjoyed over an episode of 30 Rock.

I’ll definitely be throwing in some of my favorite recipes for baked goods, and really, those are meant to be shared (or frozen so that you can slowly enjoy them over the next month without them going stale. More on that technique later.)

And don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy kitchen to make anything I post here. Just for reference, here is a picture of the kitchen in my apartment.

Please note the severe lack of counter space, and the not-at-all-state-of-the-art amenities. I do have a few fancy gadgets I’ve gotten for Christmas in years past, most notably my Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. But before I had that, I was just using my mom’s old hand held mixer from the 80’s. In fact, I still have it, and sometimes I use it just because it’s easier to clean than the stand mixer. As Tim Gunn would say: make it work.

You’re probably also saying to yourself, “Maybe you would have more counter space if you didn’t have random wine glasses, Tupperware, and paper towel rolls laying around.” Truth. In fact, I was going to clean the kitchen today, but then I decided I would rather tack up a long piece of yarn on my bedroom wall, and paper clip pictures of my friends to it.

I think I made the right choice.

But tomorrow I promise I will tackle that messy kitchen, and hopefully bring you the first recipe straight from The Single Girl’s Kitchen!