I got (another) job!

10 May

It’s been a while, I know. Life got a little crazy there last week and I wasn’t in my kitchen at all. I’ll have more recipes for you next week, I promise.

Things started to pile up the day I got my job as a hostess. That same day, I had also had a first round interview with a Senator’s office. A few days later I got asked to come in for a second interview with that same office, which is always good news. And then, all on the same day, my parents and grandma arrived from Illinois for a weekend visit, I got called that I had a third round interview with the Senator’s office, and I got called and offered an interview for another awesome job that had popped up unexpectedly.

So I interviewed for this other job on Friday, spent the weekend eating a ton of great food and seeing all the sites of DC with my family, and then had my third interview with the Senator’s office the following Tuesday. Wednesday I got an email that I hadn’t gotten the job with the Senator, but on Thursday I got a call offering me the other job, and I am totally thrilled.

So I went from zero jobs to two jobs in the course of about 2 weeks. I’m definitely going to try to keep working a few shifts a week at the restaurant just to make some extra cash on top of my real job. And while I will soon be much much busier than I have been over the last few months, I hope I can still manage to find time to cook and bake and post yummy recipes for you guys.

I don’t have a recipe today, I do have some gratuitous photos of my many delicious meals from last weekend.

Despite some flights delays due to tornadoes in Virginia, my parents and grandma made it here in time for our first dinner: Restaurant Nora. Nora was the first certified organic restaurant in the U.S. and is dedicated to locally grown organic food. I had this champagne risotto that was quite tasty. (Also, apologies, restaurants are dark and so my pictures aren’t superb. Anyone have any tips on getting better food photos in dark settings like that?)

And this was one of my favorite desserts, bonus points for being so unique. It was a strawberry shortcake, but with a twist. The shortcake was made from pistachio flour. The flavor was amazing!

We also had to hit our favorite restuarant: Acadiana. I always have to get their roasted sweet corn and blue crab soup. It’s the best soup ever made. Ever. We also got their fried green tomatoes (we had to do a comparison with Founding Farmers fried green tomatoes, which we had ordered the night before). And then I ordered the special, which was a vegetable crusted mahi mahi. The “crust” was almost more the texture of stuffing, but really delicious from all the vegetables in there. I very much enjoyed it. And I barely saved enough room for dessert: homemade ice cream, one scoop each of buttermilk, praline crunch, and milk chocolate. Yum.


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