Welcome to my kitchen!

11 Jan

Welcome to The Single Girl’s Kitchen! I have long been contemplating starting my own food blog; there are so many out there that I love to read, and I hope I can bring yet another perspective for all you fellow food lovers.

When I flip through my favorite recipes, I tend to think “I’ll make this at my next dinner party” or “I’ll share this with the roommates next weekend.” But on a normal night, I’m just cooking for one. I hope you’ll find it helpful to have some recipes that are really just meant to be cooked up and enjoyed over an episode of 30 Rock.

I’ll definitely be throwing in some of my favorite recipes for baked goods, and really, those are meant to be shared (or frozen so that you can slowly enjoy them over the next month without them going stale. More on that technique later.)

And don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy kitchen to make anything I post here. Just for reference, here is a picture of the kitchen in my apartment.

Please note the severe lack of counter space, and the not-at-all-state-of-the-art amenities. I do have a few fancy gadgets I’ve gotten for Christmas in years past, most notably my Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. But before I had that, I was just using my mom’s old hand held mixer from the 80’s. In fact, I still have it, and sometimes I use it just because it’s easier to clean than the stand mixer. As Tim Gunn would say: make it work.

You’re probably also saying to yourself, “Maybe you would have more counter space if you didn’t have random wine glasses, Tupperware, and paper towel rolls laying around.” Truth. In fact, I was going to clean the kitchen today, but then I decided I would rather tack up a long piece of yarn on my bedroom wall, and paper clip pictures of my friends to it.

I think I made the right choice.

But tomorrow I promise I will tackle that messy kitchen, and hopefully bring you the first recipe straight from The Single Girl’s Kitchen!


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